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A composite roof is exactly what its name implies.  This is a shingle composed of multiple materials that are layered and bonded. This makes up the roofing type composition. Often they are called asphalt shingles because they are usually coated with asphalt granules for protection against the elements. However, their actual composition could be any combination of fiberglass, wood, recycled paper, plastic, or other materials.

We offer products from the top manufacturers in the roofing industry. Including the timeless beauty of traditional 3-tab shingles, architectural and designer shingles simulating the rustic, dimensional look of wood shakes (without wood’s high cost), and class 4 impact resistant shingles that may qualify for a reduced premium from your insurance carrier.

Morgan & Myers Roofing Composition Roof

A modern composition roof offers the classic style combined with the better quality of modern roofing materials. This is a popular choice in most residential neighborhoods.

Benefits of a classic roof.

Most homes have composite roofing shingles. In fact, the number is around 85% of all homes. This is generally the case because composite roofing is such an affordable option. In addition to being affordable, you can customize the look of your home, thanks to a variety of colors and styles. The lifespan is also impressive and can, depending on manufacturers, exceed 50 years. Composite roofs also protect the home from harmful UV rays while decreasing energy costs.

Are composite shingles and asphalt the same?

Composite shingles are very different than asphalt shingles. Their lifespan is much shorter than composite lasting 5 to 20 years. Composite is definitely the most durable option.