Vinyl Replacement Window Grid Options in Amarillo and Lubbock

Window grids are the square patterns made by thin pieces of wood and placed inside windows. In the past homeowners used window grids as a way to make their home more appealing, but also to hold the individual glass panes. Now homeowners can choose window grid options for purely stylistic reasons.

If you are replacing your old windows or are looking for windows to go be installed in your newly built house an option to consider is whether or not you want grid lines. At American Window Systems, you have several options available to you including different colors and grid styles.

Windows with grid options available include, single hung windows, horizontal slider windows, fixed picture windows, fixed arch windows, half-circle windows, circle top windows, and fixed perimeter windows. Below are picture illustrations to give you an idea as to what the windows look like.

When choosing the colors of your window grids you can either have a matching color for both the exterior and interior views or the window grids can have a two-tone color option (one exterior color and one interior color).

If you choose to have matching window grids the color options include white, almond, and adobe. The color options for the two-tone window grids include a bronze exterior window grid with a white interior and a bronze exterior window grid with an adobe interior window grid.

Window Grid Options

Window Grid Color Options

Interior and exterior matching colors available in white, almond, and adobe.

Two-tone grid color options are available in bronze exterior and white interior as well as bronze exterior and adobe interior.

window grid 1
window grid 2
window grid 4
window grid 5
window grid 6

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