Industrial, Modern, and Effective

There’s metal roofing, and then there’s standing seam metal roofing. One great advantage of standing seam metal roofs is contained in the name itself: seams, the weak point in any roof, and a potential entry point for moisture, are raised above the level of the roofing panel. Because the metal panels run unhindered from the top to the bottom of the roof, not only are there no horizontal seams but in total the roof has a far fewer number of seams. Due to the smooth, straight lines, these roofs give your business an “industrial” feeling, yet with a modern flair.

New and Improved Metal

These are not the rippled tin roofs that you might remember from warehouses of the past. We can install any brand or model and we have access to a machine to bend 10 different panel styles. Your building type dictates what style of roof fits you best.  Contact us to speak with one of our experts for a personal consultation. Morgan & Myers, we take care of you.