AWS is here to provide the classic beauty and elegance that you have been looking for. Offered in a number of configurations including Single Hung, Picture, and Horizontal Slider.

The American V85 system comes with the flexibility you need to add that finishing touch to the home of your dreams. With advanced structural and thermal performance, you can’t go wrong when selecting the look and feel of your windows.

Single Hung

Our Single Hung system allows for the functionality of an average single hung system without sacrificing the thermal performance and structural stability of your home.

Picture Window 

If you want to let in natural light and maintain the temperature of your home, this window is perfect. With a U-Factor of .27, this style assures you’re selecting a thermally efficient window for your home.

Horizontal Slider

Wide views of your scenic environment enhance the interior beauty of your home. The horizontal slider gives the same functionality of the single hung but doubles the width of the view creating a seamless transition from the interior and exterior of your home.

Features & Benefits

• Double-wall glazing towers
• Interlocks designed for ease of operation & positive engagement
• Dual weatherstrip
• Complete welded frame & sash
• T-Bar available for multi-lite window configurations using a single frame
• Multiple glazing bead options
• Pocket/Sloped sill design with a high-performance option available
• Capable of drywall pass-through with meeting rail anchor block
• Full line of accessories
• Interior glaze frame / Exterior glaze sash
• Multi-chambered vinyl profiles for thermal efficiency
• Maximum IG thickness of 3/4”
• Aesthetically pleasing exterior frame design
• 2.656” frame width
• Aluminum reinforcing designs


All styles are available in SuperCapSR™ color technology. SuperCapSR is 12x harder than competitive paint applied coatings and exceeds AAMA 614 weathering standards and is available in the following colors:

Standard window colors: white, almond, and adobe are offered.

Exterior cap colors: bronze, black, and silver all with white interior.  Limited availability – special quote only.


Superior, patent-pending, exterior color technology for vinyl window systems.

Proprietary solar heat-reflective performance – reflects 76% of infrared light to reduce vinyl profile heat gain; excellent fade resistance.

Maintain profile dimension integrity by reducing solar heat build-up.

The co-extruded process provides a permanent, molecular bonded acrylic color layer – integral to the profile – that is highly scratch resistant.

Durable colors will not crack, chip, flake, or chalk, which is why SuperCapSR™ is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Historically, darker colored vinyl windows have experienced distortion due to heat build-up; not only in hot climates but in most direct sun exposures, especially at higher altitudes.

Drawing upon military infrared heat-reflective technology, SuperCapSR™ co-extruded exterior color technology absorbs less heat to prevent profile distortion.

A highly scratch-resistant color layer handles job site abuse better than paint, saving time and cost.

Structural and Thermal Performance

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