Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the material of choice for millions of homeowners and builders worldwide. In addition of being the best low maintenance option, these windows set the standards for high quality and energy-efficiency.

Available in a variety of colors.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows offer homeowners the option of a high quality durable window along with the latest energy efficient technology. Partial to storm windows? These are the windows for you.

Aluminum windows offer the durability in addition to advanced insulation.


Doors are a great option for keeping your home safe and insulated. These doors offer a modern design with tempered safety glass for additional protection. Each door is powder coated for a beautiful long lasting finish.


Energy efficient windows do just that. Not only can they protect the inside of your home from the elements but can also protect your wallet.

It’s proven that over the years your old windows have cost you more money than you can imagine in heating and cooling. Not to mention the aggravation caused by cleaning. Today’s windows are more efficient than ever, not just in heating and cooling but in cleaning and maintenance. These windows also protect your belongings against sun damage. With our relatively high altitude and year round sunshine we need all the help we can get.

Technology is improving now faster than ever before and window technology has vastly improved. Now smart windows can affect the amount of solar heat gain passing thought the panes. This is called Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and it measures how much heat enters your home. U-value is also a new energy star term that measures the unit’s resistance to heat loss during the winter. Efficiency is only half of the battle against the elements. Proper installation is a crucial step to ensuring that you get the most efficiency out of your energy efficient purchase.

From changing just one room to doing an entire house, let Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC show you the benefits of replacing your existing windows. We have several options for every style and price range including Simonton Windows which were ranked highest in consumer satisfaction in 2010 by J.D Power and Associates for vinyl windows and patio doors.

You can see here how windows improve the value of this home, and add to the curb appeal! Looking to read more about making energy efficient decisions? Check out this link HGTV